Investment activity

Buinaksk is a historically attractive city with a rich history and unique culture. The area of the municipality is 21.84 ha.

The population is over 65,000.

Buinaksk has investment attractiveness, confidently looks to the future and is ready for mutually beneficial partnership with all who offer innovative projects.

Favorable geographical location, beautiful nature

and the favorable climate of the city - all this in a complex helps to strengthen the economic attractiveness of the city. Our main goal is to develop the economy in order to improve the living standards of citizens, provide conditions for the manifestation of business initiative, for the development of entrepreneurship, the formation of an attractive image of our city for investors.

We are ready to consider any options for raising capital and advanced technologies.



Welcome to the city of Buinaksk!

The head of the urban district "Buinaksk" Nurgudaev Islamudin Akhmedovich

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